BRICK, (2014) commissioned performance for Visualeyez, Latitude 53, Edmonton

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In celebration of the Edmonton-based company, The Brick, and in acknowledgement of other “brick” denotations, BRICK, as performance, acts as a concretization of cultural, political and social phenomena. “Brick”, as noun, identifies a component used for constructions which contain, shelter, and protect and also, as slang term, used to identify a person who is solid, dependable and socially integral. But for those of us whose participation in society is partial due to class, race, age, or ability the “brick” acts to separate us from accessing services, needs and spaces. We have been rendered as vulnerable and in many cases inoperable.

This collaborative performance work explores the body politic as I use my surgically altered, aging, and disabled body as a grotesque and challenging site for cultural intervention. Elements combine in juxtaposition in an interior industrial gallery space with projections, sound, a pile of bricks, umbrellas and disability artists/performers/activists.

Brick16 brick01
brick02 brick03
brick04 brick05
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